I am proud to present to you my luxurious and high-quality bedding collection-

“Yanai Fryszer Guttman Home Collection” that will transform any bedroom into a stylish, romantic, pampering bedroom just like in a luxurious hotel suite.

My luxurious sets are woven and tailored in a high quality and precise way that comes in a luxurious and dreamy packaging that is fun to receive.

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From my point of view, as a well-known interior designer with many years of experience in the field, I designed countless times the most intimate room in the house – the bedroom/master bedroom.

In my opinion, one of the most important things in a relationship, it is a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, that is the reason that in luxury hotels there is a romantic and soft atmosphere with a sense of relaxation, to create this atmosphere for us when we are on a vacation, I believe this atmosphere is important all year round, not just when we are vacationing.

For years I have been searching for my clients and for myself the ultimate bedding sets,

the ones that will complete the design and the whole picture.

when I had a hard time finding, I decided to produce myself the perfect bedding sets I have always dreamed of.

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In my bedding collection, everyone can find a set that suits them, the atmosphere they want to create and for any mood.

The sets come with a mattress sheet in different sizes, a comforter cover, and four pillowcases.

in my opinion, a double bed should always be offered with four pillows: two sleeping pillows, and two back pillows, for a more elegant look.

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The collection has four different designs that I carefully designed to create a different atmosphere each time and to change and upgrade the bedroom instantly.


The JOHN bedding set has a majestic and luxurious look, the inspiration for its design came from the palaces of Versailles in France, with this set you will instantly bring the WOW EFECT look your bedroom.


The RYAN bedding set has a luxurious hotel bed look and an Italian meticulous design.The inspiration for its design came from luxury hotels and luxurious resorts suites. With this set, your bedroom will have an atmosphere of a vacation and freedom even without leaving home.


The MILAN bedding set has a fashionable design look, with a Mediterranean, geometric, and full of style.With this set, you will upgrade your bedroom to a completely different level of style.


The KEVIN bedding set has a French style, a romantic, soft, and delicate look, to create a perfect romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.Its clean look can allow you to combine it with other prints and materials elements that are a bit bolder in the bedroom and will still blend in superbly with the set.

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