YANAI FRYSZER-GUTTMAN’S STUDIO, located at the center of the BAUHAUS district in the white city Tel-Aviv, specializes in architectural and interior design.
The studio provides full-scale design services to clients across the country and abroad.

With over 15 years of experience in the design industry, Yanai succeeds in achieving unique and luxurious surroundings for his clients.
he takes pride in building long lasting relationships with clientele and takes the time to address and realize the specific needs of each project.

Whether it is providing furnishings for an existing space or becoming an integral member of a design team brought together to custom build, his studio strives to bring the most current ideas and materials to the table, whilst ensuring that the finished product remains timeless.

Well versed in many styles of design, often dictated by the location of a project, one can sense a common aesthetic woven throughout all Yanai’s work.
Clean lines, textural contrast, proportional balance and a thoughtful composition and color are trademarks that he lives by.

Careful consideration is taken with every detail of a project with the knowledge that the overall outcome is a reflection of its components.
Yanai won many design awards in Israel, among them “best interior designer” for 2017 and 2019.
His work was featured in many design magazines and websites in Israel.

He designed a textile and furniture collection under his name for “Golf and Co”, a big retail company with over 70 stores in Israel.
He collaborated with “Jo Malone London” in designing a collection of gift packages.
He partnered with a startup company and collaborated on an innovative project, connecting interior designers and potential clients in an online platform.

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